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Techwide: Empowering On-Demand Services with Porichorja

Company Overview

Techwide is a leading IT company based in Bangladesh, renowned for delivering innovative technology solutions that drive business success and digital transformation. Our services encompass a wide range of IT needs, including software development, IT consulting, and digital solutions. Committed to excellence and customer satisfaction, Techwide partners with businesses to harness the power of technology for growth and efficiency.

Partnering with Porichorja

Porichorja is an on-demand booking service platform that connects users with a variety of service providers, offering convenience and reliability at the touch of a button. As the technology partner for Porichorja, Techwide provides comprehensive IT services to ensure the platform’s seamless operation and continuous improvement.

Key Services Provided to Porichorja

  1. Platform Development and Maintenance

   – Custom software development tailored to Porichorja’s specific needs

   – Regular updates and maintenance to ensure smooth functionality

   – Scalable architecture to support growing user base and service offerings

  1. User Experience and Interface Design

   – Intuitive and user-friendly design for easy navigation

   – Mobile-responsive layouts to cater to users on various devices

   – Focus on user engagement and satisfaction

  1. Secure Payment Integration

   – Multiple payment options including credit/debit cards, mobile payments, and digital wallets

   – Robust security protocols to protect user data and transactions

   – Compliance with international security standards

  1. Service Provider Management System

   – Efficient tools for service provider registration and management

   – Real-time tracking and updates for bookings and service delivery

   – Rating and review systems to maintain service quality

  1. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

   – Integrated CRM to manage user interactions and enhance customer service

   – Personalized marketing and communication tools

   – Data analytics to gain insights into user behavior and preferences

  1. Advanced Analytics and Reporting

   – Comprehensive analytics dashboard for real-time data monitoring

   – Detailed reports on user activity, service performance, and revenue

   – Data-driven insights to inform business decisions and strategy

Why Choose Techwide?

* Expertise and Innovation: Techwide’s experienced team brings the latest technological innovations to the development and enhancement of Porichorja.

* Customer-Centric Approach: Our solutions are designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring an optimal experience for both service providers and users.

* Commitment to Quality: We prioritize high standards of quality and security in all our services, ensuring reliability and trustworthiness.

* Ongoing Support: From initial development to continuous support and maintenance, Techwide is dedicated to the long-term success of Porichorja.

Success Stories

Since partnering with Techwide, Porichorja has seen significant growth and improvement in its platform’s performance and user satisfaction. Our collaboration has enabled Porichorja to expand its service offerings, improve user engagement, and maintain high standards of service quality.

For example, by integrating advanced analytics and CRM systems, Porichorja now has a deeper understanding of its user base, allowing for more personalized marketing and enhanced customer retention. The secure payment integration has also increased user trust and transaction volume.

Future Vision

Techwide is committed to driving the future growth and innovation of Porichorja. We aim to integrate emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to further enhance the platform’s capabilities. Our vision is to make Porichorja the go-to on-demand booking service platform in Bangladesh, setting new standards for convenience and reliability.

Partner with Us

Techwide invites you to experience the power of technology with our tailored IT solutions. Whether you are an emerging startup or an established enterprise, we have the expertise to help you succeed in the digital age. Join us on this journey of innovation and excellence.


Empowering On-Demand Services, Transforming Industries.

September 12, 2019
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